Sunday, March 4, 2007

iBoard #1: 8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Target Women

1. Women appreciate businesses that take care of their needs
i. If a woman has child(ren), put things in place to make her feel free to shop (eg: Playcentre, a storyteller, TV showing a movie, Video games, Face painting, Clowns)

2. Ensure that SAFETY and SECURITY is first and foremost when planning such activities.
i. Would you leave your children in the care of someone if you didn’t feel your children were safe and secure? Think like a responsible parent ;-)

3. Women are usually the final decision maker when it comes to shopping decisions

4. Women are more likely than men to talk about their experiences
i. Ask for their feedback
ii. Leverage the power of Word of mouth
iv. Thank her for her time and invaluable feedback
v. Apply and test out her GREAT suggestions and monitor to see if her feedback works

5. Make HER feel good about her shopping experience

i. If she is a mother or is in the care of children, she is on a tight schedule.
ii. Process her as quickly as you can. If you do, she will likely return.

7. Make her FEEL comfortable

8. It’s all about HER emotional connection to the product/service

9. Women respond well to ads that are about affinity, relationships and associations

10. Have information at the stands for customers to read how to use a product, how to cook a new dish or tips on how to save power.
i. Think of complementary products
ii. Think 'out of the box'
iii. Think how your products/services make her FEEL
iv. Reduce the risk of her purchase by letting her feel the product, see how it can be used, see how it can save her time, see how it can make her home look good, see how it can make her look good and feel good.

11. Finally, smile, say hello, say goodbye and say "see you next time".

Woops, I got carried away with the extra ideas ;-)

You got the luuuuuurve!!!

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