Sunday, March 4, 2007

I like Albertsons and Foodland but I LOVE........

IDEA #4 is any large supermarket in the world.

In his book "Lovemarks", Kevin Roberts makes a reference to how supermarkets in general can improve their layout and feel. Kevin talks highly about Big Fresh (NZ) being "ahead of its time" compared to large Foodstores like Foodtown/Woolworths (NZ), Coles (Australia), Albertsons (USA), or Tescos (UK).

Although "Big Fresh" had closed its doors in 2003, it was the first time in New Zealand that a large supermarket had provided entertainment for the family, it had organised its consumer shopping experience in a fashion that was similar to rides at an amusement park, and it targeted a lower-end of the market with "No Frills" products. No Frills started with a handful of products and grew to more than 800 products in packaged groceries and perishables (Source: Wikipedia).

Here are a couple ideas to enhance the branding of all the supermarkets mentioned above:

  • improve the design of the store layout
    • Don't leave the design of the layout up to chance. Plan on guiding the customers through the maze of products.
    • the position and placement of the racks will affect the sales of products.
    • allow space for the customer to 'breathe' as they walk into the store. This will allow the customer to take everything in first and feel welcomed into the store.
    • like pay per click, stores could effectively get the product manufacturers to 'bid' for this space at the entrance of the store.
    • the products that are staple shopping items should be placed towards the far corners of the store so that customers have to go past everything else.
      • you have to entice impulse buying.
  • Improve and differentiate the lighting in supermarkets.
    • The lighting needs to accentuate the product.
  • I agree here with Kevin Roberts, supermarkets should place goods together that make up a dish.
    • For example, if you want to cook an spaghetti bolognese, supermarkets should position these at the end of an aisle where people can pick up all the ingredients together (ie. sauces, pasta and cheese) as well as other recipes.
    • Let's take it another step further. Why don't supermarkets separate and place all the gluten-free products together and organic wholefoods products together.
  • Through their websites and loyalty card programmes, supermarkets would be able to identify who has email and who doesn't.
    • Supermarkets should email people the next weeks specials (in HTML) and slowly eliminate the number of circulars.
      • supermarkets could email recipes, tips for house cleaning, or new health tips.
    • Supermarkets could through a database management system identify who has a mobile phone. Specials could also be texted (or sms) the next week's specials.
  • Instead of using discount vouchers on the back of shopping receipts, supermarkets should send out text messages as proof of purchase. Why? who ever uses those shopping receipts? If supermarkets are genuine in passing on savings, then make it easier for people to experience the savings.
    • all people need is a number to ring on the shopping receipt and a code to retrieve the future discount which can be shown at a restaurant, a cinema or whoever the client may be via their mobile phone.
  • Encourage the use of recyclable 'green bags' for shopping. Bags that can be used again and again and again.
  • Supermarkets should partner up with 'best of class' or lovemarks companies for them to sell their goods in their store.
    • Have you ever had a cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop (New Zealand)? All I have to say is that is YUUUUUUMY!!!
    • Why not allow the Cheesecake Shop to have a presence inside the supermarket?
      • they would provide all the best cheesecakes and assorted cakes for you.
    • StarBucks Coffee Company has a presence inside Wholefoods Market

My Love Marks: Wholefoods Market (USA), Pak&Save (NZ) and the old Big Fresh (NZ).

You got the luuuuuurve!!!

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