Thursday, March 20, 2008

WE are all guilty of this!

We are all guilty of focussing on what we want to see, use to seeing and not taking the time to stand back and reflect on what we may not be seeing. Reflection and honesty are very important to surviving in business. Try standing back a bit from your business, get people to honestly critique your business like 'mystery shoppers', so you can identify ways to improve or else you could be missing out on massive opportunities to grow your business.

A lot of business owners don't like hearing that they're doing something wrong or that they are doing poorly. You only have to watch the business owners on a Gordon Ramsey show to see what I mean. At times, the truth can hurt and that's ok. The test is to bite the bullet, listen to the advice, make the changes and deliver. Then audit yourself again to ensure you're not doing the same old stupid things. Your customers can be your best 'advisors', so listen and learn.

It's amazing what you can see with a fresh perspective.

Look at this video:

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