Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cleanliness is next to godliness. You think?

One thing that really grates me is when I walk inside a store and there is rubbish on the counter, on the floor next to the counter, the doorway, or the entrance. You may have the best products or services in town but if you’re place of business is dirty, you increase the chances of me going to your competition who are clean. This also applies to websites. ‘Rubbish’ on websites I would consider as too many clicks, unnecessary content, bad design, misinformation, no contact details, and bad graphics.

Being ‘clean’ and spotless is another area where businesses can compete against their competitors. You have to treat the premises of your business like Singapore - a no litter, 100% sparkling clean policy. If you see rubbish, clean it up. On websites, you may want someone independent to audit your website to clean up your ‘online rubbish’. It’s really great when your customers see you cleaning too because it shows you care for your business which in turn means great products.

There are numerous examples of businesses who sell exactly the same product, yet one product just seems better than the other. This is where everything outside the product itself comes to the fore. It could be cleanliness, friendly staff, location, opening hours or display could make the difference between a purchase and non-purchase.

Be clean if you know what I mean....and that includes the back of the shop. You never know that your client may inadvertently go 'to the back'. Ohhh and this includes your toilet! There is definitely no excuse for a dirty toilet.

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