Saturday, March 3, 2007

Do you like H2GO? PUMP? Fiji Water? or Evian?

Now a lot of people out there would think that water is just water. Guess what? It is BUT it depends where its from, how it's sourced, how pure it is, and/or what kind of design the bottle has. The question is, which one of these do you value?

Today's pick of the day is H2GO Water by Danone (France). Outside of the massive distribution system that H2Go (via Danone) has in New Zealand, the marketing budget to push the message, and the salesforce to supply its retailers, H2GO lacks a few things for me to love about it. I like it but I don't love it.

I do realise that Evian is its top-of-the-line brand, however, I think that H2GO could be rebranded and reshaped to market internationally.

Here are a couple ideas to enhance its brand appeal:

Fiji Water has appeal because of its story. It promotes its remoteness as an advantage. It promotes its perceived levels of purity. Similar to Fiji water is 420 Spring Water (New Zealand) These people just get it.

"Far from pollution. Far from acid rain. Far from industrial waste.

There's no question about it: Fiji is far away. But when it comes to drinking water, "remote" happens to be very, very good...." Fiji Water

  • Improve the bottle design as it looks too much like PUMP from Coca-Cola Amatil.
  • With the new design, advertise it like crazy. Create a buzz. Identify the target market who will shape your markets.
  • "Product place" it in different mediums that reach your target market.
  • Put some aside and give it away for FREE to your target market.
  • Adopt a bus campaign. Select a number of buses that go out to all the corners of a city, and advertise on them.
  • Add another 50cents to it. Why? like a house, when you renovate, its value goes up. Perception is everything. Or keep the price the same and add perceived value through the new design.
  • Move it. Talk about it. Drink it.
  • H2GO could be even be 'downscaled', 'downbranded' even further to be called "TAPWATER NZ". This may sound funny to some but I actually think that NZ tapwater is the BEST in the world!!! ...and sell it cheaper.
  • Or calling it "DRINK". Everyone needs to drink, right?
  • Use plastic for the lower priced water and glass for the higher priced water. The difference between plastic and glass is 'galactic'.
My Love Marks:

420 Spring Water (New Zealand)

Voss water (Norway)

You got the luuuuuurve!!!

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