Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gas Station Attendants

Do you remember the days when your local petrol station had gas attendants? These days, in era of high gas prices and massive profits, I think it would be great idea if one of the gas companies started to give back to the public.


In the USA, people pay a premium to receive this service and a discount rate if they pump gas themselves. Why not, introduce a similar tiered rate service? You know when you're on a rush to work and you need to stop for gas but you get to the gas station and the lines are really long and you can't wait. I have a couple ideas:

  1. Why not, have system where there's either a booth at the pump islands with attendants awaiting to serve the 'rushers' or an EFTPOS system?
A lot of gas stations still don't have EFTPOS at the pump. That would save a lot of time.

2. Have a coffee machine at the pump islands. Some of us don't mind drinking normal filtered coffee on the way to work. If you want the lattes, espressos etc...then go inside and pay the premium ;-)

3. Have these attendants selling morning papers as well

.......and here's an idea for a budding entrepreneur, identify petrol stations that don't provide these services (selling the paper, coffee etc) and organise with the petrol station owner if you can work their forecourt. In return, you'll hand out any marketing materials they may have.

I don't know the Health Dept and Work and Safety regulations for this, Im just flowing iwth the ideas.

So what do you think?

You got the luuuuuurve!!!

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