Tuesday, February 19, 2008

5 minutes!

Some time ago, I came across this site called www.5min.com and have watched it grow from it's early beginnings to its large stable of very interesting short videos today. 5min.com is a DYI or "how to" hub of short video solutions for practical questions. It's very similar to the short Watties ads on TV1 before the news except these videos are 'homemade'. You will find videos on "how to change a diaper", "how to plates for pregnant women" to "how to snowboard".

For many visual learners, 5min.com is a great way, along with other video sites like YouTube, to visually see how to do things. A lot of times, a manual just won't work as it misses out on the nuances of actually doing the task. Watching video steams is a great alternative to those boring jargon filled manuals. Outside of that, there are just some things you can't describe in a manual like "how to get girls to go out with you".

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