Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marketing the Obama Way

After watching the USA Democratic Primaries, it is very interesting to note the new channels of marketing that the candidates for the Democrats and Republicans are developing. It is not a question of which channels of marketing they are using but how they are using them and engaging the general population of the USA. What is also noticeable is the 'real time' response each candidate has now with technology. One of the best exponents of the new technologies is Senator Barrack Obama.

Senator Barrack Obama's public relations efforts is going to be one that many political sciences students will analyse in years to come. Not only has Sen. Obama taken the tried and tested paths of "stump speeches", television and radio, he and his team have taken the utilisation of the internet to another level. The Obama campaign have been the most effective at leveraging the power of social networking applications like Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Twitter better than any candidate from either party which can be reflected in the memberships of people joining his sites. Obama's internet efforts will be one model of success that a lot of other political parties globally will be using as a template for their own campaigns if he fails or succeeds.

One of the most memorable additions to Obama's cause is this music video circulating the internet. This video targets lantino voters and younger latino voters who are more likely to access the web. The video is lively, it's memorable and it's a great hook! Now for all those political marketing buffs who analyse political campaigns, this is one effective way to get your message out to your target market. As they say, if you want to catch the right fish, use the right bait.

Enjoy!...and sing along if you can. Viva!

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