Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let me show you how to get $100,000 worth of advertising for FREE!!!!!

How do you get $100,000 worth of advertising for FREE? Watch the video below and this is an example of how to exceed your marketing objectives with a little bit of imagination, sound planning and a decent budget. However, it doesn't have to be that way. You can make more than a dollar out of 15 cents if you hit the 'sweet spot' as they say in tennis.

With the shrinking of our world now through social networking sites and inexpensive communications, anyone can compete against the large advertising agencies with a lot more imagination and very little money. Just have a sound plan, a perfect execution, a video camera, record, upload then shout from the hills to let everyone know about your stunt. If your film package is intriguing, interesting and memorable or topical, people will let others know about it. Effectively, it will spread like a virus. Simply look at the 'Yes We Can' video or the top viewed videos on YouTube, Revver, or Metacafe. These people get it by default or with a detailed plan.

You may have heard of the terms, viral marketing, buzz marketing, or guerrilla marketing, they are all related and very similar in objective(s). They either want 4 things:
1. to create maximum exposure for very little money to increase brand awareness,
2. to drive traffic to a physical store or website for sales,
3. to develop a call to action like signing people up to a petition/organisation/business or to organise a rally of some sort
4. to entertain

At the end of the day, it's mostly about maximising your return on investment (ROI) and getting more bang for your buck. HOW people execute their "viral buzz guerrilla marketing" or "VBG" campaign is where they differ. Essentially, the raw ingredients are the same.

Watch the video below for some inspiration of how to capture eyeballs and to get people to talk about your product/service.

...but if you want some advice on how to develop a "VBG" campaign, then contact me. I may be having a great day and I may shoot some quick FREE ideas your way ;-)

Now how much are these ideas worth to your business?


Jims Varkey said...

you have a nice blog. But I have some diffiliculty in reading your older posts. If you could show the most popular pots or labels in the sidebar, then it will be better

The Ideas Guy said...

Thanx Jim for your recommendation! I've added a "recent posts" to the side bar. When I have more content (since Im noobie), I will add your suggestions to my blog.

See you soon!