Friday, May 9, 2008

Can you jump into your jeans? These guys can!

One of the hottest hits on the Youtube circuit now is the 'uncovered' ad by Levis Strauss where guys literally jump into their pants performing all kinds of stunts and antics to do so.

If buzz/viral marketers were looking to create surreptitious advertising online then Levis Strauss has created a nice template. It is the intersection where Jackass meets ordinary people, outrageous stunts, wow factor, fun, intrigue and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary .

I must warn you though, blatant naked advertising isn't that effective in social media circles. It is too impersonal, formal and for reasons explained they don't quite encapsulate what it takes to get mouths 'wagging' or in this case, 'forwarded'.

As people become more educated and frustrated with the flood of advertising on their senses, the less they want to see it. However, if the ad is highly interactive, relational, and feels less like an ad, the more likely it will succeed.

Check out these guys because in the space of a week, it has been viewed 1.5 million times!!!

Just one thing before I forget: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!! Im sure these got well compensated and possibly a few visits to the doctor and physiotherapist.


Robin Easton said...

Love the video, but even more your comments on it. A fun post and good insights on your part into marketing.

Andrew Goulding Articles said...

Great to meet up with someone who understands buzz/viral marketing...and writes so eloquently on the subject. Nice!

Gail Alexander said...

It was fun watching the guys jumping into their jeans. It didn't really seem like an ad for a product.

I don't watch TV because I can't stand the advertising.

That was the first time that I saw that ad by the way.

Gail Alexander
Art Musing

Andrew Goulding Articles said...

Just a brief point. I spent much of my youth trying to get my jeans off with young women, not trying to put them on with young men.


The Ideas Guy said...

Can we just keep our pants on please ADG and above the neckline ;-)

makeshiftspaces said...

That was still an amazing commercial. One of the many useless talents that exist, but cool nonetheless