Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Smart Seat Covers

Now here's a great business idea. You look out into the market place, you see what is being sold like crazy or is going to fly off the shelves then you develop a complementary product/service that you believe people will buy. Companies like Bemz in Sweden which manufactures seat covers specifically for IKEA sofas to the Air Mac envelopes/covers for the new Air Mac laptop.

Bemz designs custom made sofa and armchair covers for the most popular models of IKEA products. It fits their tag line perfectly: "Give your sofa a second chance!" ...and it's not just a second chance, but a third chance, fourth chance etc etc chopping and changing different covers to suit your taste. Bemz also enables people to mix and match designs through their website. This is a powerful idea to allow people to see what would look great in their homes. Look at the difference between the before and after shots above. Moreover, you can wash these covers and keep your sofa protected and looking new.

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